All About Me

I crafted my first headline for a mega brand at age six — I Go For The Big Mac. Grandma pitched it to Mickey D HQ and scored me a free sambo. Yeah baby. The hook set deep. So, like I’ve been totally into brand since then. I didn’t know it because I was innocent, formative, a friggin’ child. But I grew tall(er), read Lindstrom, Berger and Cialdini, and one day experienced The Moment of utter clarity. Those flaming Mc Marketers played me. And unbeknownst to those feeble geniuses, they created a monster of epic, egomaniacal proportions.

Other than that, I’m kind of bookish. Ask me about the time Steve Martin sneered at me in line for champagne at Salman Rushdie’s wedding. It all starts with a supermodel bursting into my apartment.


Hit me up. I'd like that: (213) 716-2267

My TV Commercial Reel.


I started off in the ad world cutting spots and somehow found myself working on some pretty cool campaigns, but the lure of writing my own stuff was too great and I walked away. Actually I went to live in France. Totally different story.



I didn't go to ad school. I went to the American Film Institute and studied screenwriting. Voted the best script in the graduating class, my thesis was a pirate story. Producers came calling. I lined up meetings with big names - really, really, big names. Agents were talking seven figures. Then Johnny Depp hooked up with Disney to do Pirates of the Carribean and my story walked the plank.

The Queen of Spades
The Drop


Snapping pics has always been a hobby. Heck, I chose photojournalism as my specialty for my BA in Journalism. So when the crash of 2008 hit and I went to live in France, I didn't have much to do but learn to speak French and shoot. Surprisingly, Getty and iStock ate it up, and I now have quite a bit of work to show.