Campbell's Soup

When the end is near, make sure your bunker is fully stocked.

Campbell’s is an iconic brand that’s been around forever, but has lost its relevance with a younger generation. It’s perceived as old and dull. The goal is to reinvigorate the brand with a campaign that rises above the clutter and reminds shoppers not to forget the staple that is soup.


INTERVIEWER: I’m here with Kevin and Brian. Both are… zombies.

KEVIN: We prefer undead.

BRIAN: Even that, not so much. I prefer, "infected."

KEVIN: Seriously? That’s like we’re sick.

BRIAN: We are sick, Kevin.

INTERVIEWER: Okay, so there’s no consensus. For lack of a more PC term, let’s go with, “zombies.” First… you can talk?

BRIAN: Of course we can talk.

KEVIN: Why wouldn’t we be able to talk?

BRIAN: We’re sick and we can talk.

INTERVIEWER: Right. So, I want to ask you what it’s like being a zombie.

BRIAN: Sucks.

KEVIN: Has its ups and downs.

INTERVIEWER: You eat brains, right?

KEVIN: Brains don’t taste at all like what you’d think.

BRIAN: Unless you think they taste like uncooked liver, then you’d be right.

INTERVIEWER: You don’t crave anything else?

KEVIN: Fresh brains are delicious.

BRIAN: Nope.

INTERVIEWER: Is there anything you’d like to say? To the living?

BRIAN: Slow down. You run too fast.

KEVIN: We’re not exactly sprinters.

BRIAN: And stop eating Campbell’s Soup.

INTERVIEWER: Campbell’s Soup? You don’t want the living to eat soup?

KEVIN: It’s nutritious.

BRIAN: You’re just prolonging the inevitable.

KEVIN: A little malnutrition would make you easier to catch. It would really simplify our lives.

BRIAN: We’re not technically alive.

KEVIN: We’re not dead either, Brian. You’re such a Debbie downer.

ANNCR: Campbell’s. Don’t forget soup.


Zombie Interview :60