Band-Aids have dominated the adhesive bandage market for so long that they've become the go-to solution for the minor cuts and scrapes that go along with everyday life, especially children's lives. But, there are wounds that children are susceptible to that no bandage can heal. That's why Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages has teamed with the National Bullying Prevention Center to end bullying in all of its various forms.


App Extension

To broaden awareness of the Bully-Stop App, Band-Aid will enlist A-list celebrities to wear crossed Band-Aids over their hearts at televised events.

Celebrity Engagement

In addition to the Wounding Words campaign, Band-Aid will distribute a free anti-bullying phone app, Bully-Stop, aimed at building a nationwide database. The app will give kids the ability to report (anonymously if they like) bullying incidents, get advice on how to deal with the situation or get immediate help. While bullying is a complex problem that an app alone can’t solve, just having an outlet can help. And the data will go a long way toward understanding and combatting the problem.